How It Works



This tab allows you to start and manage Captures. When a Capture is taken, all of your active URLs are tested for differences across all active browsers. The left panel gives a history of all captures, while the right panel gives stats on your Captures for the current month.

To execute a Capture, simply click the Capture button at the bottom of the screen. The Capture will then appear on the left panel, with an icon that represents its state:







Click on a Capture in the left panel to see all screenshots taken for that Capture. Pages where differences were detected will be highlighted in red, while pages with errors will be highlighted in yellow. Click on a screenshot to accept, reject, or ignore the changes.

Accept: These changes were desired. The current screenshot will act as the new baseline against which future differences will be compared.

Reject: These changes were not desired. The current baseline is not changed. Click the links above the screenshot to create a story for this change on pivotal tracker, GitHub issues, etc if the appropriate connections are installed.

Ignore: These changes are to be ignored. The area of the screen where changes were detected is now added to the Ignore Map for this webpage. All areas on the Ignore Map will continue to be ignored in future screenshots until a new screenshot is accepted, resetting the Ignore Map.


This tab lists all active and inactive URLs for your account. An active URL will be tested on each enabled browser when a Capture is taken.

Use the dialog box at the bottom of the screen to add new URLs. You may also add clicks for specific elements on this URL. These clicks will be executed on this URL before each Capture is taken. This enables you to test each element of a single URL website.

Click the gear icon below the URL to set its tolerance. This determines the amount of change Visual Diff will tolerate and ignore. A high tolerance means that only extreme differences will be detected.


This tab lists all active and inactive logins. Use logins to give Visual Diff access to pages behind login screens that you wish to test. Just add in the URL you want the login to be used on, along with all of the login information. Use the checkbox on the left to activate or deactivate a specific login.


This tab lists all active and inactive Browsers. When a Capture is taken, each URL will be tested on all active browsers. Currently available browsers are: Chrome v31.0, Firefox v25.0, and Internet Explorer v9.0.


This tab lists all active and inactive Connectors. Connectors are automation tools for your account which send alerts to your favorite services when changes are detected. These include creating GitHub Issues as well as creating stories on Pivotal Tracker.

To enable a connector, simply click the ‘Install’ Button. You can then Edit the configuration of the Connector with the 'Edit' button or disable the Connector by clicking the ‘Uninstall’ Button.

Connectors are not available for free accounts. Check out the Pricing page for information on the number of connectors for each plan.